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Run 4 is the fourth part of an extremely popular endless running series which was created by Joseph Cloutier. May said that, with the great success of its 3 previous parts, especially run 3 game, so run 4 is expected to bring the players with the excellent experience. As expected, run 4 did not disappoint the players with excellent graphics and interesting but challenges gameplay.

In this game, you also control an automatically runs alien to pass through all the complex terrain and all the obstacles to run to the destination safely. However, the challenges in run 4 is much more difficult than the 3 previous parts.

All the characters in the game are still in part 4 including Runner, Skater, Lizard, Child, Bunny, Gentleman, Pastafarian, Student, and Angel. And of course, you also have to collect as many power cells as possible to unlock all the character.

Besides that, in run 4, the tunnels system and achievement are much more sophisticated investment which creates much more challenge and addiction for the players. And this is one of the most attractive elements in this part.

Run 4 – How to play?

As 3 others parts, it is very easy to control the game. You just have to use left or right arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.

Besides that, you also can use button P to pause and R to reset the game.

If you are not used to these keys, you also can change the game control keys by clicking on it.

Run 4 tips and tricks

  • The game speed is very fast so you should pay your attention to looking ahead to the terrain and choose the safe lane.
  • Try to collect as many power cells as possible to unlock all the characters
  • The lane will turn into the floor when you run into it
  • Besides that, there are some tips in each tunnel, but I think let you experience yourself about that would be better.

Run 4 How to play?

 However, there are some places such as office, school, restaurant, airport, station, ... block the game that makes you can't play the game in these areas.

Don't worry! You still can play run 4 unblocked on This is one of the most reputable free gaming sites in the world, where provides you thousands of interesting unblocked games including run 4 unblocked.

Moreover, different from many others website that requires the users to install extension to play the game, on, you have to install nothing. All you have to do on our website just is enjoy the game and have the interesting break time.

Now, I won't waste your time, let start the game and see how well can you do!

P/s: Just press CTRL + D, you can bookmark our website on your browser and enjoy this game whenever wherever you want.

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